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About GPP

Grudziądz Industrial Park was set up in December 2004 under an agreement signed by the Municipality – City Grudziadz, Municipality of Grudziadz, Starosty Grudziądz and OPEC GRUDZIĄDZ Ltd. The company which was set up to manage the Park was entered into the National Court Register in February 2005.

In 2005, GPP (GIP Ltd.) signed an agreement with Industrial Development Agency pursuant to which it received funding for the investment project under the Sectoral Programme of Operational Improvement of Enterprises Competitiveness, years 2004 – 2006 under Operation 1.3: Creation of favourable conditions for businesses, Priority 1: Development of entrepreneurship and innovation by strengthening institutions from business environment. This project included development of technical infrastructure on non built-on land owned by the GIP Ltd. and buyback from the Administrative Receiver, bankruptcy mass of GZPG- um Stomil: two halls and conduct their general overhaul. The works were completed in June 2008.

By 2014, Municipality Grudziadz and Starosty Grudziądz sold their share in the GIP to OPEC Grudziądz Ltd. Thus, the Company currently has two shareholders: the Commune – City of Grudziadz and OPEC Grudziądz Ltd.

Goals and reasons of the creation of GIP

Grudziądz Industrial Park was set up as one of the instruments for raising the competitiveness of the region Grudziądz. The main objective of the establishment of the GIP is to support entrepreneurship and restructure the post industrial areas making them more attractive, which in turn will have an impact on employment growth in the industry.

The strategic objectives are:

  • attracting external capital,
  • development of small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • increase the investment competitiveness of the Grudziądz region.
  • development of modern infrastructure on the GIP territory
  • restructuring of the land gained from GZPGum “Stomil” Ltd.


The shareholders of Grudziądz Industrial Park Ltd. are Municipality – City of Grudziadz and OPEC Grudziądz Ltd.

  • Municipality – City Grudziadz – 12,811 shares at 500 zł each, for a total of 6 405 500 zł, which makes 55.86%
  • OPEC Grudziądz Ltd – 10,125 shares at 500 zł each, for a total of 5 062 500 zł, which makes 44.14%.


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