Purchasing Group

About us

Purchasing group was formed as a result of the implementation of the project “Purchasing Group as a form of entrepreneurs’ access to high quality services provided by GPP Ltd.” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget within Regional Operational Programme of the Kuyavian Pomeranian Region (ROP WK-P.).

Purchasing group is to enable the joint purchase of goods and services in particular micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from the area of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region. Purchasing group is also open to helping large companies and organizational units of local government. in purchasing.

The main operational objectives of the group are:

  • rational use of financial resources
  • achieving savings
  • transparency, openness and competitiveness of procurement processes

Purchasing Platform

Purchasing Platform is an application supporting procurement processes; with its help Purchasing Group will organize and conduct the shopping proceedings. Within each platform module the users receive specialized tools to manage chosen aspects of the purchasing process.

  • Planning Purchasing module: supports the purchases planning at various levels of the organizational structure
  • The selection module of Contractors facilitates effecting purchasing projects aimed at the conclusion of agreements with contractors.
  • Management of Contracts module allows registration and management of purchasing and sales contracts.
  • Operational Purchasing module provides support for needs which are reported within the organization and generates orders directly with contractors information about Contractors, collected at different stages of the purchasing process are managed by the Contractors Base.

The Shopping platform is a modern tool for supporting the implementation of electronic purchasing processes. The main task of purchasing platform is a smooth linking of potential partners and achieviement of optimal conditions for cooperation of the business entities involved in the purchasing procedure.

Electronic shopping through our platform facilitate communication between buyers and suppliers; it increases the transparency of the procurement processes, accelerates the analysis and selection of commercial offers and, above all, reduce procurement costs. We especially recommend the use of the following modules:


In order to facilitate the flow of information between the buyer and seller we use the module of on-line queries (eRFX). The essence of this approach is the ability to distribute inquiries to designated offerers. This is ideal if the buyer doesn’t have, till the end, explicit terms of the order and wants to have access to as many offers as possible. Extensive system of evaluation criteria allows you to compare and choose the best commercial offers.

Electronic auction

Electronic auctions module allows you to achieve the lowest possible purchase price. Electronic auctions not only allow you to achieve the goal of a merchant, but also positively affect business relationships, which in traditional negotiations may be disrupted. Electronic auctions are a tool supporting purchasing, in which suppliers present their offer on-line.

Remuneration for services rendered

Remuneration for the services provided is strictly dependent on their scope and the related workload contributed to the performance of individual activities. After analyzing the needs of our clients, we will prepare a transparent and reliable calculation of remuneration based on:

  • Hourly system,
  • Flat-rate system.

Rules of participation

If you are interested in using the services offered, please send the completed declaration by e-mail to the following address: gz@gpp.grudziadz.pl

Immediately after receiving it, we will contact you to present the Purchasing Platform, discuss the principles of cooperation and the scope of services provided.
Everyone interested in acquiring new customers and willing to participate in procedures organized, among others, by the Purchasing Group, is invited to register in the Base of Contractors at https://oneplace.marketplanet.pl

After registering, you will receive information about all proceedings related to the selected industry to the e-mail address provided.


Piotr Jagodziński

Radosław Suchan

Justyna Kończyńska

Ikona kopertye-mail:  j.konczynska@gpp.grudziadz.pl

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